Preparing Your Home for Summer

As March transitions into April, the long, harsh winter seems to be drawing to a close with the promise of spring and summer weather.  But as every homeowner should know, just because the warm sunny weather is a pleasant change from the cold memories of the winter now past, this does not mean that the home can go without some tune ups, fix ups, and DIY projects to improve summer time performance.

There are many things that a homeowner can do to prepare their home for the summer ahead.  Not only is the spring a great time to do needful repairs to the home but it is likewise the best time to prepare the home for the summer heat that is coming in the months ahead.

For those who need help getting started on their home summer preparation projects, consider the following few suggestions:

  • Inspect the roof.  The roof is a vitally important part of the home whether in the winter or summer, Home in Summerbut the winter months tend to take a toll on the roof of a home so inspecting and repairing the roof is one of the first projects a homeowner can undertake in the spring.
  • Inspect/redo the caulking around windows and doors.  Here again, the winter weather can start to damage these areas and a sealed home in the home is a cooler home in the summer, so break out the caulking gun and go hunting for cracks.
  • Tackle a landscaping project.  Whether it is planting a new shade tree to block the summer heat from the windows of the home or trimming back the overgrown shrubbery around the property, now is the perfect time to landscape.
  • Inspect the home’s AC unit.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to help balance energy use and the temperature of the home.

With these few suggestions a homeowner will be able to prepare their home for the approaching summer months.
photo credit: mccready via photopin cc