NEW! Mid and End Clamp Assemblies

for Solar Mounting!

Mid Clamp Assembly

You asked for it, and you got it! TRA Snow and Sun listens when our customers tell us how we can improve our solar mounting products.

The latest innovation – Mid and End Clamp Assemblies which make attaching panels to the power rail so much easier!

It’s a pretty simple “Pop In – Tighten – DONE” process!

We’ve eliminated the need for:

  • Multiple bolt sizes
  • Several installation steps
  • Assembling multiple parts while on the roof. Now they come pre-assembled!

ONE Assembly! Put together before it’s shipped to you.

You’ll save so much time and eliminate so much frustration by using the new Mid and End Clamp Assemblies.

In addition, TRA’s new Mid and End Clamps Assemblies are UL rated which means a superior product with consistent and dependable grounding.

Pop in – tighten – done

Mid Clamp Assembly installation diagram

Mid Clamp Assembly Installation

(See the complete installation manual here or contact us: (877) 290-8669  or via E-mail: [email protected])

Mid Clamps and End Clamps are very similar to each other. Mid Clamps are used to secure two modules to the Power Rails and are installed between the modules. End Clamps are used on the first and last modules of a string or array to secure the edges of the module to the Power Rails.

For easy installation, the Mid or End Clamp Assembly is installed as a pre-assembled component with a Socket Head Cap Screw fastened through the End Clamp and into the Solar Grounding Clip.

  • Clip the End Clamp or Mid Clamp Assembly into the top channel on the Power Rail and slide it into place.
  • Slide the module into place and loosely secure the Mid or End Clamp Assembly.
  • Repeat at the ends or between each rail.
  • Align modules into place then tighten the Mid or End Clamp Assembly and torque to 15 ft-lbs.

Mid Clamps 31 - 44

End Clamps 31 -39