More than One Million KW of Power Produced by Solar Panel using TRA-MAGE’s Solar Mounting Systems

February 23, 2012

New York’s Best Energy Power sought experts at Utah’s TRA-MAGE to design solar panel attachment systems on 23 projects generating 1.5 million kilowatts of power.ballasted solar racking

TRA-MAGE, Inc engineers and manufactures mounting systems for attaching solar panels to roofs ensuring that code requirements are met and the systems are sound.  It is a lot more complicated than the uninitiated might imagine.  The average house with solar panels generates about 10 kilowatts of power so Best Energy Power’s 1.5 million KW requirements was a huge undertaking and it all had to be started by December 2011.

Curtis Welch, Inside Salesman for TRA-MAGE, remembers the first contact with his new customer last spring.  “Ronnie Mandler of Best Energy Power had commercial buildings and apartment complexes all over New York City from Queens to Long Island.  His projects required ballasted systems for flat membrane roofs,” says Welch.

When Mr. Mandler called the TRA-MAGE office, he was surprised by the unique solutions to several issues they presented to him.  “Every manufacturer can do a solar panel layout in landscape mode but only TRA-MAGE can do it in portrait style.  This helps get more panels on the roof.  They’re also the only ones who have an elevated ballast system.  Getting the panels up 10” off the deck gives the modules more sun and less shade” recalls Mandler.  “Curtis was really quick with getting back to me and working on every issue I had.”

All of Best Energy Power’s projects needed to be started by December to qualify for government rebates, so TRA-MAGE’s Engineering and Sales Department worked diligently with Mandler in the spring and summer obtaining data and engineering each job.  The ballasted solution uses concrete blocks which attach to, and weigh down, the solar panels. Engineers had to take many factors into consideration when determining how much ballast should be specified and what hardware should be used.

According to Welch, “Mandler had a good idea of how he wanted his panels laid out.  We then made sure to not only engineer the ballasts properly, but to also keep in mind the panels’ distance from the perimeter of the roof, the shading and emergency access.  The big deal on these jobs was that we got it all done in the 4th quarter so Ronnie could get his rebates.”  The resulting 23 projects have achieved the goal of creating 1,500,000 kilowatts of power from the solar panels secured with the unique ballasted solution from TRA-MAGE.

TRA-MAGE, Inc. provides free engineering for all customers big and small.  In addition to manufacturing solar racking for all types of solar panels, they also manufacture roof snow retention devices and flexible roof flashings.

For more information on TRA-MAGE and how to mount solar panels contact us at 800-606-8980