A Message of Thanks from the President of TRA Snow and Sun

Thank you from TRA Snow and Sun

Dear Friends,

During this time of thanksgiving, I want to let all of you know that I am grateful to you for your support of TRA Snow and Sun.

Unlike many small American businesses, we are still in business following  America’s Great Recession.  It was a difficult time for our industry and many others and I am very grateful that we seem to have weathered that difficult storm. I attribute your support  in purchasing from us, for why we are still here to provide you with our products and acontinue to serve you.

When I started the company way back in the early 1990’s, I couldn’t see what was ahead, I just wanted to do something about so many dangerous situations caused by snow sliding on roofs.  My first concern was always the people and how to protect them from that snow and ice when it came crashing down.  I invented the first, patented Snow Bracket for tile in the USA.

More than  18 years later later, we’ve come a long way.  We are well-respected in our industry for our engineered designs, which I have always felt was the key to preventing damage to people and property.  I have invented other products and have three  patents.  We make Snow Bracket snow guards, snow fences, clamp-on brackets for snow.  We also make mounting and rails for solar panel installation and employ the same engineered approach.  We make flexible ventilation and ridge risers products which help keep air moving through the roof system, reducing ice dams and attic tempitures.

To all of our customers and those of you who have inquired about our products in the past – THANK-YOU.  We appreciate your business and want to continue to help you in your snow retention, solar mounting and roof ventilation needs.  I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.



Terry Anderson


TRA Snow and Sun

Terry Anderson, President, TRA Snow and Sun