Keep Cool and Create Kw’s. How? We know the answer …

Energy savings no mater how you look at it!  TRA has the solution.  It’s called a solar awning.

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There’s no shortage of motives why homeowners and business owners might pursue renewable power – decreasing your electricity bill, earning a point towards a green building certification, slashing your carbon footprint, or creating a public statement about your environmental commitment.


Among the renewable energy options available, solar is perhaps the most comfortable, reliable and trusted. Its years on the market make it a proven technology with consistent performance and a quantifiable payback and return on investment. Though rooftop solar mounting is most the common option, it isn’t always the best fit for small buildings.


TRA Snow and Sun’s Awing Solutions aim to provide professional installers with a simple, easy to install mounting system for solar panels on any vertical structure.

Benefits of the TRA Solar Awning Mounts

  • Save time and money with a free pre-engineered design
  • Add additional kWs of PV to a building with limited roof space
  • Provide shade while generating electricity (reduces cooling loads in the summer)
  • Uses optimized structural aluminum components
Wall Mount Solar Panel Array

TRA Solar Awning Mount System attached vertically to a business wall structure.


The Solar Awning Solution

  • Reduced Availability of Roof Space. With the increased knowledge and enforcement of fire codes and the associated reduced availability of roof space to mount solar panels, it has become necessary to find other options for mounting PV systems to buildings. One solution is a solar awning.
  • Non-vertical Solar Awnings generate more energy than flush mounted systems. Non-vertical awnings provide cooler cell temperatures due to ample air flow beneath the modules.
  • Solar Awnings reduce energy use. Additionally, when mounted to the South and West sides of a building, the shade from the awning keeps the building cooler, effectively reducing air conditioning loads during long hot summer days.
solar panel awning

Solar Awning Solution


• 6063-T5 Aluminum
• Mill finish
• Black Anodized (upon request)

Custom Designs and Free Engineering

At TRA Snow and Sun, we engineer and layout each project free of charge using many factors specific to your project. We then provide you with; rail spans, max loads on components, wind parameters, solar panel geometry, force per foot on rail and panels, a schematic of the module field, the wind speed, shipping weight, and project details. TRA Snow and Sun representatives will work with you to design the most efficient solar mounting system.

We can design your awning to work with a variety of application. Just give us your project details and we will design your Awning Mounting Solution to fit your project.