How Solar Installation Affects Your Roof

Most people know that maintaining the roof of their home is an essential aspect of home ownership. With a well maintained roof a homeowner can ensure the home’s longevity, security, and durability. Unfortunately, for those who neglect their home’s roof, the opposite is true. A homeowner who neglects their roof can suffer from destructive water leaks and expensive repairs to fix damaged shingles.

For those who wish to take better care of their home’s roof and ensure that the roof receives its due attention, remember that regular inspections are the best way to safeguard your roof.  With regular visual inspections of your roof you will be able to notice when damage begins to appear, when mold growth crops up, and when any potential leaking shingles reveal themselves. For more information on how to thoroughly and safely conduct regular inspections of your roof, check out our post on spring roof inspections.Solar Mounting

But what affect will solar panels have on a roof? Will the instillation of the panels be damaging to the roof? With all of the importance that is placed on the roof of the home, there are many homeowners making the transition to solar power who justifiably ask these and other questions before making the final decision.

Will Solar Installation Harm My Roof?

The simple answer is no, solar installation will not harm your roof so long as it is done properly. Solar panels are fitted to a home using mounting brackets that, when installed by professionals, are not damaging and do not compromise the integrity or purpose of the roof in any way.

In fact, solar panels can actually help boost the efficiency and longevity of the roof by providing protection from weathering and UV damage where installed.  Additionally, many homeowners have found that they are able to further lower their heating and cooling costs because the room or rooms located directly under their solar panels are further insulated, staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

What if I Install the Panels Myself?

The beauty of being a homeowner is that you own the home. This means you can do pretty much whatever you want when it comes to home maintenance, repairs, and DIY improvement projects. So, technically, yes, you can install the panels yourself. However, unless you are a licensed contractor with experience in mounting solar panels and working on the roofs of homes, it is strongly discouraged.

Without the proper training, skill, and tools, mounting solar panels (or anything else for that matter) to the roof of your home may result in damage to the home. Furthermore, untrained labor on the roof of your home can be extremely dangerous and should not be done without proper safety gear and guidelines in place.  Therefore, citing safety for yourself and your home, homeowners should leave the mounting of solar panels to the professionals.

Why do I Need a TRA Engineer for My Solar Project?

In addition to the safety concerns for both you and your home, a professionally installed solar energy system can be exponentially more effective than a DIY job. This is due to multiple variables that influence the effectiveness of a home solar energy system. Such factors as wind speed, roof slope, composition, layout, and building codes all play a factor in the efficiency or ineffectiveness of a solar panel instillation.Solar Mounting

Our engineers here at TRA Snow and Sun will be able to provide you with the specific and individualized aid you will need to have your switch to solar power be effective. We are so confident in our engineers’ abilities to make your project a success that we back it with a full warranty on any installation that has been blueprinted by our technical department.

With our aid you can ensure the protection of your roof and the effectiveness of your solar energy system, all backed by a full warranty when you make use of our free engineered layouts. So click, call, or stop by today for a free quote and start down the path to sustainable, clean energy.