sun, solar power

Fun Facts You Might Not Know About the Sun

The Sun is one of the life-giving properties of the earth.  Along with water, there are few living things that could survive without the Sun.

Not only is the Sun a requirement for life on our planet, but it is also a significant source of potential energy.  Potential energy and not used energy because there are still millions of Americans who do not take advantage of the energizing power of the Sun.

sun, solar powerWith modern technology evolved to the needful requirements, the Sun could be a source of renewable energy for a wide variety of uses.  Perhaps the most underutilized use of solar power is in the home.

While there are some homes that take advantage of this largely free power, only installation and maintenance costs factor in, the vast majority of American homes go without this astounding ability of the Sun to provide clean energy.  While generating clean energy may be its most practical and important little-known-fact, the Sun has other fun facts that many people are likewise unaware of.  Some of these fun facts include:

  • The Sun is actually white in color, but the Earth’s atmosphere makes it appear yellow
  • At the average distance between the two bodies, light from the Sun takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds to reach Earth
  • Solar winds, electrons and protons that have escaped the Sun’s gravity, give comet’s their tails
  • The Sun was worshiped as a deity in some ancient cultures
  • The Sun has a diameter 109 times that of the Earth
  • The Sun’s mass is an impressive 330,000 times that of the Earth’s mass