Fixing a Hole in the Wall

Four college kids built a potato gun in their rented apartment.  For those who do not know, a potato gun is a mini cannon, typically around four feet in length, built from plumbing pipes and supplies that launches objects, usually potatoes, by muzzle loading the item into the barrel of the fabricated gun then igniting a small explosion into the combustion chamber with the resulting pressure forcing the loaded object out of the tube and into the air.hole

After constructing the weapon, one of the college students tried to test the new dangerous toy inside the apartment.  Even though he used a sock instead of a potato, the resulting blast from the spud cannon sent the wadded sock across the length of the apartment and through sheetrock of the far wall.

The marvel of shooting a sock through the wall quickly wore off as dirt poor college student realized that he would either have to pay the landlord for the damage or fix the hole in the wall himself.  Luckily, he knew these following steps on how to fix a small hole in the wall.

  • Clean the edges of the hole and the surrounding area to allow for proper adhesion later
  • Apply a dry-wall patch or screen to the hole following product directions
  • Using a putty knife, apply and spread non-shrink joint compound to the screen or patch
  • Wait for the joint compound to dry, then lightly sand the area
  • Apply texture if desired to match the texture of the surrounding wall
  • Match paint color and repaint the section of patched drywall