Fitting your Solar Panels to your Unique Project

Every homeowner has their own unique projects that they undertake to improve their home and make it their own.  At TRA Snow and Sun, we understand that every solar panel mounting project is individually unique and each job will require a different approach in order to suit the specific style and desire of the homeowner.

What do we offer?


Because every job is different, and because every homeowner will need a company that offers them the unique assistance they require, we strive to offer a wide variety of solar mounting options in an effort to provide everyone with the solution that will fit their situation and needs.  Here is a look at the different solar mounting solutions we offer and what projects each are suited to:

  • Solar Awning Solution: Our awning solution offers customers the ability to simply add a solar panel awning to the side of any building through the sturdy awning mounts. This solution offers flexibility, customization, and practice usage for homeowners.
  • Solar Ballasted Solution: These mounting brackets are designed for flat roofs and provide the best solution for those who wish to install solar panels onto a flattop structure.Solar-Racking-Flush-Mount-Shingle-300x300
  • Solar Elevated Solution: When the job requires panels to be mounted at an angle, either for better productivity or for space saving requirements, our Elevated mounting frames provide the solution and can come in custom angles to fit every need.
  • Solar Flush Mount – Shingles: This mounting solution is most effective for flush mounting solar panels to roofs composed of asphalt shingles, wood shake, and any form of slate.
  • Solar Flush Mount – Standing Seam Metal: Ideal for flush mounting solar panels on metal roofing material, even those with vertical seams.
  • Solar Flush Mount – Tile: Similar to our other flush mounting solutions but specifically design for mounting solar panels to tile roofs.Ground-Mount-Solar-Mounting-Systems-300x300
  • Solar Ground Mount Solutions: Mounting solar panels on the ground generate specific and unique challenges that require specifically designed mounting solutions.  Our Ground Mount Solutions provide the ability to overcome such issues.

In addition to the multiple mounting solutions, we likewise offer customization services that will ensure our mounting brackets fulfill the needs of the job. Come in today to learn more about how our expert advice and diverse mounting solutions can help you with your unique project.