Don’t Void Your Roof Warranty!

When you install any product onto your roof after the roofing has been attached, you run the risk of voiding your roof’s warranty.  Roofing product warranties vary in length of coverage time and details on items included in the warranty.  It’s important to never do anything that will void it.

The type of warranty, material and labor, or material only, will determine what you should do before installing anything like solar mounting or snow guards.

Do you have a Labor and Material Warranty? This is the best warranty to have.  Generally your roof is warranted for a specified period against leakage or decomposition and the original installer was approved by the manufacturer.  The first thing you should do is call the manufacturer and let them know your plans.  They will send either the original roofer or another manufacturer-approved roofing contractor to you.  Your warranty will stay intact because you are using a contractor that the manufacturer has certified.

Do you have a product ONLY warranty for the roofing product?  You must comply with all specifications for the exact product.  Visit the manufacturer’s website or call them to obtain specifications.

Sometimes homeowners don’t know the brand or manufacturer and will intend to install various additions to their roof themselves.  The basic ways to not invalidate a warranty apply to both do-it-yourselfers and to professionals that manufacturers send to do the job for you.  Here are the basic guidelines.

  • Ifyou penetrate the roofing product with ANYTHING, it must be counter-flashed. This includes nails, screws, mounting brackets, snow retention devices, electrical conduits or cables – ANYTHING.
  • Counter-flashing is usually metal, conforming to the shape of the penetration or covering a fastener, and diverts the water away from the hole you’ve made. However, penetrating the valley will void all warranties, even if counter-flashed.  So NEVER put anything in a valley.

TRA Snow and Sun professionals are experts in solar mounting, snow retention and flexible roof flashings.  We design our products and engineered systems to be installed in a manner that will not void a roof warranty. Give us a call and we’ll help you with your roofing questions.