Different Types of Renewable Energy

One of the main sources of renewable energy is solar radiation.  It should come as no surprise, than, that one of the most frequently named sources of renewable energy by ordinary individuals is solar power.

Other forms of renewable energy

But solar power is not the only form of renewable energy that the planet and inventive scientists have to offer.  There are, in fact, multiple forms of renewable energy. Here are some of the most common and how they work:Giant Wind Mills

  • Wind Power. If you can remember back to high school science classes, you may be able to recall that wind is a naturally occurring force produced by the differences of temperature and pressure found in the atmosphere. Because wind is naturally occurring and part of the processes of the earth, its power can be harnessed without fear of depletion.  Wind can power turbines and pump water to produce energy.
  • Geothermal Power. The word “geothermal”, when broken down, literally means heat from the earth. This heat, generated by the planet’s core and by naturally occurring radioactive decay, seeps slowly from Earth’s crust and can be harnessed through heat pumps which can use this natural energy to heat entire buildings.
  • Hydroelectric Power. This energy has been used by humans for centuries. Think of the old style water mill.  Running water, powered by the down pull of gravity, has long been used as a mainstay of renewable energy.
  • Biomass Power.  Simply put, biomass is the energy that can be derived from plant life. The main example (although far from the cleanest use of biomass energy) is burning wood for fuel.

While solar power looks to remain atop the pedestal as the cleanest and most effective of renewable energy, there are many more energy sources that are produced by the planet naturally.

photo credit: cupcake fan via photopin cc