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The No Cutting, Hassle Free Solar Tile Mount

No hassle is bigger for an installer than finding out you have to re-cut tile because it won’t line up. With TRA Snow and Sun Solar Tile Mount, there’s no cutting required, saving you time on your project. Our Solar Tile Mounts are available for low, medium, and high profile tile roofs, and are adjustable […]

This Is The Year To Go Solar

Solar energy systems provide you with the cleanest form of energy and reduces your carbon footprint, while also saving you money right from the start. With federal tax incentives and state and local rebates, it has never been more affordable to go solar.

TRA Snow and Sun Featured on Real Estate Essentials

TRA Snow and Sun was featured on ABC’s Real Estate Essentials with Jay Deher. The feature is on a home in Springville Utah where our specialists partnered with Rocky Mountain Renewable Energy to set this house up with solar panels. Big thanks to Brian Adams, who points out the benefits of using TRA Snow and Sun as […]

Check Your Roof NOW Before the Snow Flies….

With the warm weather that many areas of the US are experiencing this fall season, it’s a perfect time to complete a few more projects on your home and be prepared for winter. Start at the top by checking your roof for any leaks, breakages or deformations. It’s hard to believe that winter is just […]

Solar Energy: A Better Way to Power Your Home?

Solar energy is the most renewable and sustainable form of energy around. Because it is the energy provided by sunlight, we will never run out of it. These days it is more accessible to the average homeowner than ever before. How is it more accessible? With affordable, custom solar panels (photovoltaic panels) that convert the […]

The Types of Roofing Materials

There are many types of roofing materials, each having different advantages and disadvantages depending on what the homeowner is looking for, and the region of the country you live. Take into consideration the factors that influence your roof, and which material will best suit you.