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We Wish You a Merry Christmas and We Wish You Safety!

TRA Snow and Sun cares about you. As a roofing consultant and as a roofing contractor, company founder and president, Terry Anderson, had seen first hand the heartache caused by ice and snow sliding off a roof, sometimes killing people below. He searched all over the world for better ways to prevent such tragedies way back in […]

Why is Metal Snow Retention Better Than Plastic?

Every once in a while a customer will ask us why they should purchase our metal snow retention rather than the plastic ones they see. We typically don’t like plastic snow guards for many reasons. The first reason is because of the type of adhesive used to attach plastic snow guards. Through our testing, we have found that failure […]

Thanks to you, our customers

The first goal I had when establishing TRA was to prevent injury and needless death to people by creating snow guards that would not fail.  I wanted to be sure dangerous avalanches of snow and ice could be stopped by engineering each snow retention project.  That original objective of safe, dependable, complete systems has carried […]

Retro-fit Snow Retention. What to do?

One of my older relatives used to say, when confronted with a dilemma, “What to do, what to do….”  It made me chuckle! But, this phrase describes a dilemma for people confronted with snow and ice avalanching off their already installed roof.  They want to keep the snow up there rather than down there but […]

Why Decorate? It’s Not Even Christmas!

If you drive by the TRA Snow and Sun manufacturing and office facility at 1657 S. 580 E. in American Fork, Utah, the first thing you will probably notice is the blue metal panel roof.  We like the all-American colors we chose for our company – RED, WHITE and BLUE and we like our building! […]

Chimneys and Roofs – How They are Similar

What?  Roof Systems and chimneys the SAME?  You’re thinking, “No way, Jose!”  Okay, before leaving this post, give me just a second to explain.   We at TRA Snow and Sun sell ventilated roof flashings and ridge risers which help with roof system ventilation.  No, we don’t want you to set them on fire thereby […]

Should Your Building Have Snow Retention Devices?

The Tell-Tale Signs in Spring That You Should Install Snow Retention The winter is slowly fading into Spring, but as the snow and ice melts off your roof, there might be some signs that you need snow retention: Are you noticing large pieces coming off in big chunks? Do you hear it slipping? (This can be […]

Some Tidbits About BYU-Hawaii Roofs and TRA’s Owner

  The owner of TRA Snow and Sun, Terry Anderson, recently visited Laie, Hawaii and was thrilled to see construction on some buildings at the BYU-Hawaii Campus and his products being installed!  – RIDGE RISERS!      Concrete tile is a good choice in the tough, humid climates like you find in islands of the […]


NEW! Mid and End Clamp Assemblies for Solar Mounting! You asked for it, and you got it! TRA Snow and Sun listens when our customers tell us how we can improve our solar mounting products. The latest innovation – Mid and End Clamp Assemblies which make attaching panels to the power rail so much easier! It’s […]

The Most Amazing People!

From time to time we, at TRA Snow and Sun, run across the most amazing people And when we do… WE HIRE THEM! Travis, Brandon and Gary have exceptional backgrounds and are really motivated to serve you. Gary Heslington – Business Development Manager Gary Heslington’s background in building relationships with customers and vendors will be […]

Flashing Magic!

Oh NO!  Look up, Ma!  The Ceiling is Leaking! When a leak occurs in your house, it’s a crisis! Buckets are set out, and sometimes Good Ole Uncle Jim is called for advice because, everyone in the family knows that Uncle Jim built a couple houses a while back. He’s the family expert. He’s the […]

TRA Innovates!

TRA Innovates! Innovation – “to introduce something new; make changes in anything established.” TRA’s mission statement says, ” Our team is united, innovative and dedicated” and “We are not content to simply be successful, but strive to set new and higher standards in all that we do.” Some examples of our innovations: TRA’s very first Snow Guard (Snow Bracket A) was created and […]