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When Strength Really Matters

Keeping snow and ice from avalanching off a roof requires a system of superior strength.  When strength really does matter to save lives and prevent damage to property, how does a home or business owner know what snow retention product is strong enough? How does someone decide what product measures up? How does one decide […]

The No Cutting, Time Saving Solar Tile Mount

No hassle is bigger for an installer than finding out you have to re-cut tile because it won’t line up. With TRA Snow and Sun Solar Tile Mount, there’s no cutting required, saving you time on your project. Our Solar Tile Mounts are available for low, medium, and high profile tile roofs, and are adjustable […]

A Must-Have For All Roofers

  TRA Snow and Sun has something that every roofer needs: Flashing. It’s a must-have for all roofers. We call it the “roofer’s duct tape”. The primary reason any type of roofing exists is to provide a protective layer to maintain a barrier between the interior of a building and the weather. How this is […]


ARE YOU TIRED OF CUTTING TILE WHEN INSTALLING SOLAR MOUNTING? Solar on tile roofs is become increasing popular in many parts of the US as the insulative and life cycle cost of tile combined with the benefits of converting sunshine into electricity is recognized. There are markets in Arizona and parts of California where tile […]