And the Architects Said…

And the Architect Said “I’m good at DIY.  I can do it myself!”

 My response was, “Do you want to risk a lawsuit?”


I’d like to address the DIY aspect of the building industry as it has evolved over the last few years, particularly when it comes to architects.

We have friends who are architects that have been through quite a bit of upheaval during the recent recession.  Does this sound familiar?  Some had large offices during the 2000’s but had to cut back drastically when the building industry took a nose dive beginning in 2008.  A home office became a necessity for some.

Others were able to maintain their firms but had to make changes in the wayarchitect-diy they did business, going with a leaner approach to maintain the bottom line.

Cutting corners on some services and risking some liability became another way of saving on costs and staying in business.

Some corners cut left architects with more liability than they might have realized and I’d like to ask

“Do you really want to avoid roof snow retention altogether and/or design a solar mounting system yourself?  Or do you want an expert to take that liability off of you?”

Architects face some scary liability when it comes to roofs; in particular when it comes to items installing over the roofing product such as solar mounting systems and snow guards.  The IBC does not identify basic standards for roof snow retention and local codes are few and far between which leaves you somewhat on your own.  If you design a snow retention or solar mounting system on your own, and your design proves insufficient, someone is injured or worse, you will be liable for a lawsuit.

Outsourcing the difficult task of specifying and designing a roof snow retention system or solar mounting solution can provide a measure of protection and confidence that your building is designed with safety as well as aesthetics in mind.  However, you don’t need to employ an expensive engineer for this service or wait until there is a failure and you’re faced with a lawsuit.

For the past 18 years, TRA Snow and Sun has built our reputation on being experts in engineered, safe snow retention and solar mounting systems.  We can help you with engineered layouts, advise on contract documents, roof accessories specifications, and help you create systems that won’t cause you to lose any sleep for fear of dangerous conditions on your roofs.  It’s completely FREE and we warranty all of our layouts.

This is one area that DIY is just too risky of a business!  Hand over that risk to the experts at TRA Snow and Sun.