5 Things You Didn’t Know About Solar Energy

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular around the world. As other costs rise, it is important to look towards other means of producing energy. Solar energy can be a great solution for homes and businesses looking to save money on these bills, generating their own energy. Learn more about solar energy and what it entails. You may not have known these things about this more natural means of energy production.


The Sun is Continuously Striking the Earth

Storm clouds are no match for the sun as it can still reach through them. 173,000 terawatts of solar energy are hitting the earth as we speak. This is continuously happening every day. 173,000 terawatts may not mean much to you, to put it in perspective, that’s over 10,000 times the demand of the world’s energy usage.



Solar Energy has been Looked to for Decades


Since the 1980s the US Department of Energy has been researching how to invest in this source of energy. The earliest project to do this was known as Solar One. This research of solar power has continued with more research projects aimed at determining how we can better rely on this type of energy.


There are Tax Incentives that Come with Solar Energy


Not only will you have the financial benefit of lower energy bills, solar power can help increase the refund on your taxes. In most situations, homeowners will see their savings outweigh the initial cost in about 5 to 10 years. Understand how this solar energy can benefit your home or business when tax season comes around.


There are Two Ways Solar Energy is Captured


Many people don’t understand how a solar panel actually works. Solar photovoltaic cells take in the sun’s rays, converting the energy directly. From there the concentrated solar power takes the energy produced and moves it to a receiver where it can then be used to produce electricity. This is then used to power your building.



Concentrated Solar Power Projects are Underway

Solar panels in the Mojave Desert.

The Mojave project is one of many areas where concentrated solar power projects are underway. The Mojave Desert in California is currently the largest in construction, and takes advantage of 350,000 mirrors. In the future, it is predicted that this project alone will be able to power more than 140,000 homes.


Learn more about the benefits of solar energy and what it can do for your home or business. Understanding more about the function and benefits is essential when choosing solar. Take advantage of this money saving means of energy.


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