4 Amazing Roofs

Aside from the standard choice between shingles and slabs of aluminum, you don’t see very much variation in roof styles. The standard choices are cheaper because they’re mass produced. When purchasing an already expensive home, many people aren’t willing to spend the extra money to make their roofs interesting.

That said, there are several people who are willing to put forth the money to stick out a bit. The following are 4 amazing roof designs that add a little flavor to the rooftops in their neighborhoods.


The Headington Shark

headington-shark-190x300 Looks like a recent hurricane left its mark in the town of Headington, Oxford, England. Bill Heine, the owner of an ordinary terraced house, commissioned a 25 foot shark to be made out of fiberglass and precariously placed on his roof. According to some reports, he did it in protest of the atomic bomb. Although he received some initial push back against keeping the shark, Bill was allowed to keep it and it has stood as a tourist attraction since 1986.


The Hundertwasser House, Vienna

Friedenscreich Hundertwasser took it upon himself to make an eco-statement on a residential home in Vienna, Austria. Unlike the common roofing styles of our time, this roof is composed of grass, bushes and trees. It took Hundertwasser 3 years to build, between 1983 and 1986 and still stands today as a artistic reminder of nature, and all that it has to offer.


A Golfing Home in Spain

One particular home in Spain is set up in hills, away from all the hubbub of a normal city. Since they live so far away, the owners of this house decided to bring some of the entertainment to them by installing a mini-golf course on their roof. This course is filled with hills to climb and shallow gullies to account for. It’s a beautiful, creative design to help pass the time in a home.


Hobbit Holes in Switzerland

hobbit-holes-300x168Switzerland must be where J.R.R. Tolkien got his idea about hobbit holes. These mini homes are built into the landscape and are covered with grassy tops for roves. The extra layer of earth can help keep the heat of the day out while not marring the landscape.