3 Things to Consider When Choosing Solar

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Solar

Choosing to go solar for your home and business can bring many benefits, not only to you but to the environment as well. While going solar may seem as simple as installing solar panels to your home, there is much more to it. Understanding these three things before investing in solar panels will help give you a better idea of your solar panels and what you need to get the greatest benefit from them.


1. Calculate Your Energy Use


Without an understanding of how much energy your home uses every month, you don’t really know what solar panel requirements you need. Energy usage may be different depending on the season, but you can factor an average for your home. Take this into account when considering the solar panels you need.


Rather than just calculating your current energy use, take into account what it will be down the road as well. Whether that is having children, older children moving out, or upgrading to energy efficient appliances in your home. Each of these factors can influence your energy needs and can determine what solar panels you require.


2. The Pitch and Materials of Your Roof


Solar panel mounting needs will depend partially on the structure of your roof. Before investing in solar panels, first check your roof. Determine what type of solar racking system your home needs. Take into consideration:


  • How old your roof is – if it is falling apart, it may be time to replace this first before solar panel installation
  • The angle – roofs without much of an angle may require a tilt frame, which angles the solar panel towards the sun to increase efficiency
  • The strength – if your roof isn’t very sturdy, it may require additional reinforcements before solar panels can be installed


Take these factors into consideration before installing solar panels on your home.


3. Solar Panel Location on the Roof


Photovoltaic Solar Panels on tiled roofA big thing to consider is where exactly the solar panel will be installed on your roof. In an ideal situation, the solar panel would be on the south facing part of the roof to gain the most sunlight. When this isn’t possible, there are ways to adjust the solar racking systems to get the optimal amount of light.


Even areas that often have clouds can take advantage of solar panels. WIth the right angle, you can gain the most advantage from your solar panels, ensuring your energy costs are cut significantly.


Solar panels can be a great addition to your home, but make sure you think through the logistics first. Make an effort to understand what you need before installing solar panels to ensure you will see the most benefit from the addition.