A Sneak Peak of the Most Amazing People!

December 6th, 2016

From time to time we, at TRA Snow and Sun, run across
the most AMAZING people and when we do…



TRA Snow and Sun is doing great thanks to an incredible team, our dedication to customer service, manufacturing top-notch products and our wonderful customers! We are 100% American – all products are made right here in the Good Ole US of A! We weathered the downturn in construction and have come out on the other side better than ever.

Our team members are constantly learning and applying their knowledge to our products, procedures and service. A large portion of our office personnel have college degrees, some have graduate degrees! Most attend seminars, webinars and trainings consistently throughout the year. That results in a highly informed, dedicated staff and improved company processes.

imag3202Lisa to Left (Production Manager) & Connie to Right (Accounts Receivable/Shipping) – Making sure your Orders are Shipped in a timely manner. A close look to our busy season in shipping. Go Team!!




Roger – Overseeing and Running the Plasma Cutter for our Snow Retention Products. Watch out as those sparks are flying.





imag3195Ryan and Krissy – in the Solar area assembling the popular Solar Tile Mount together for a flush mounted system.




imag3191Bart (Machinist) – Testing out and setting up the Accurpress that stamps both our Solar and Snow Retention Products. Our Solar Products have been dominating this machine.




Julio – Making sure quality is met. You can usually find him forming or stamping our Snow Retention Product lines.





imag3183John (Left) and Koy (Right) assembling a raw order of Clamp-on’s for Snow Retention in the paint booth area. Wow, one order without paint which is at times rare.