See How TRA Snow and Sun is Going Green

At TRA Snow and Sun, we are all about sustainability and decreasing carbon footprints. We buy recycled material and we recycle our scrap.

LEED® and TRA Snow and Sun

Please refer to USGBC website for specific credits ratings. If you are seeking LEED® certification for your project please contact us. LEED® is project based so we can provide you more specific information for your project.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) includes a variety of rating systems for projects based on these major credit categories:

• Sustainable Sites (SS) – max 26 points
• Water Efficiency (WE) – max 10 points
• Energy and Atmosphere (EA) – max 35 points
• Materials and Resources (MR) – max 14 points
• Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) – max 15 points
• Regional Priority (RP) – max 4 points
• Innovation in Design (ID) – max 6 points

Certification for the LEED® Rating System:

Certified: 40–49 points
Silver: 50–59 points
Gold: 60–79 points
Platinum: 80 points and above

You can receive credits by choosing products manufactured by TRA Snow and Sun in these categories.

 Sustainable Sites (SS)
Energy and Atmosphere (EA)
Materials and Resources (MR)
Regional Priority (RP)
Innovation in Design (ID)

We use recycled steel when manufacturing our snow retention products and many other accessories.

To view letters and percentages from some of our suppliers, click below. This is not a complete list of our suppliers. Many will provide more information per project.

• Tiger Drylac liquid vs. powder
• Tubular USA
• California Steel Industries | O’Neal Flat Rolled Metal
• USS-POSCO Industries